Sparkling Beauty Productions 2016 Pageants

Beauty Pageant

Just a little bit about Sparkling Beauty Productions

My name is Melissa Dean - Kralka and i am the pageant director for Sparkling Beauty Productions. Our mission in pageants is to make everyone SPARKLE and feel great when they leave our pageants. Therefore nobody will ever go home empty handed. We try to make our pageants fun and exciting for everyone involved it is a place to enjoy yourself and make new friends. Remember Parents   we set the example for our children and they do hear everything whether we know it or not so let's make sure we show good sportsmanship for everyone. Pageants are not all about who Wins or Loses but how well your child does and the fun they have doing it. So make sure to always hug your kid and tell them how much of a great job they did. We look forward to meeting everyone. And good luck to all!